Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Chiang Mai -- the best spas in and out of town

There are conservatively 10,000 spas in the greater Chiang Mai area. Oh, at least that. Every thing that is not a 7-11 or a temple in this city is a spa.

And everything outside the city, where there are no 7-11s, is a spa. 

So if you're heading to Chiang Mai and looking to indulge and pamper yourself silly, where would you possibly start to select the best experiences?

My suggestion: The Lanna Spa Association website (click on headline above). They also produce a little booklet called Chiang Mai Wellness and Spa which you might be able to find at your local TAT office or travel agent.

It covers hot springs (there are about 4 in Chiang Mai province), city hotel spas, city spas, and boutique ones further out in popular rural areas like Mae Rim (less than half an hour from the airport).

Wow, what a tantalising collection. It makes you want to rip your clothes off right now and lie on the bed, awaiting your treatment. How can one place be so massively endowed with such gorgeously evocative spa options?

And apart from the Lanna Spa Association members, there are many many more independent boutique operators. And hundreds more small time massage places for a more basic Rub and Relax which costs about 150 baht per hour.. That's right -- around AUD$5 per hour.

Even the local ladies prison offers a massage service by convicted inmates. Jing jing! 

Plus several massage training colleges and academies where you can take a course in Thai massage.

Here's a very short list of just some of the top spa options to get you thinking (or unwinding):

1/ The Spa at Four Seasons
2/ Rarinjinda Spa
3/ The Village Spa at Tamarind Village
4/ Peak Spa and Beauty Salon
4/ Chiida Spa
5/ Oasis Spas (pictured)

Decisions, decisions. Oh no, now I'm getting stressed ... time for another rub down. See you next time!

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