Thursday, 14 January 2010


Mushrooms. That's all I can think of when I drive around sunny Samui and see these things popping up --mushrooms in a field after a rain storm. Out of nowhere. Blink! Oh, there's another one ...

Hotels, I'm talking about. Specifically upscale, boutique resorts and spas. There are so many wonderful properties in the market already; the bar is set so high for hospitality here. Yet undaunted, nay, relishing the challenge, new players are pouring in to make Samui the capital of cool.

Where will it end? 42" LCD screen. Pah! Everyone's got one of those -- make it 84". To hell with it -- make the whole wall a flat screen. Pool villa? Everyone's got one of those. I know ... a butler in wetsuit and scuba gear dispensing footrubs underwater as you sip your Gin & Tonic in your private plunge pond. Infinity pool? Infinity is not near big enough! Make it bigger, better ... to infinity and beyond.

There's a lot of excited chatter about the new Banyan Tree Samui coming on stream soon, but the next few blogs will be about some of the hot hostelries -- some still smelling of fresh paint more than lemongrass  -- that I've been lucky enough to check out (or rather check into) recently:

Anantara Lawana Resort and Spa
Kirikayan Boutique Resort
Kirikayan Luxury Pool Villas & Spa (pictured above)
Mai Samui Beach Resort and Spa

So check out the next few blogs for in-depth, insightful, informative reviews of the resorts above. Research, research, research ...

Excuse me, concierge, where's the pool bar?

Have you stayed at a brand new hotel or resort in Koh Samui that you want to share with us? Leave me a comment about what you thought of it.

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