Thursday 16 August 2012

Damn right Thailand's got the (live) Blues!

Talking, laughing, crying, singing.

These are all emotions we normally attribute to humans. But after watching amazing blues guitarist, Boy, these are also things he can make his guitar do. Sometimes simultaneously!

Close your eyes and you could easily imagine you are at Monterey or Woodstock watching Jimi Hendrix, or even Eric Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughan

But open your eyes and you remember that you are in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In Boy Blues Bar, an open rooftop blues joint at the bustling Galare Night Market (usually known to most as 'The Night Bazaar')

Boy is a tremendously engaging performer. His shaggy hair resembles Hendrix if you've had enough Singha beers, which I had. But his cheeky grin and sheer joy of playing is infectious. What's best, if you are there on a Monday night they have an open mic jam, and you can hop up and embarrass yourself for a couple of tunes.

So when you think of Amazing Thailand for music, don't just think of Full Moon rave parties, discos, and chill lounges ... seek out some great live music, especially blues. 

Damn right Thailand got the Blues, jing jing.

Some of the best Live music bars and live blues venues in Thailand:
Boy Blues Bar, Chiang Mai.
The Blues Factory, Pattaya. 
Adhere the 13th, Bangkok

Rockin' Angels Bar, Phuket

Samui Blues, Koh Samui 

This is just a very small starting list. Please feel free to add any 

bars, pubs and live music places you think locals and tourists should check out and support.