Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Mae Cheam -- Navasoung Resort: Rooms with a View

It's been a while since I've seen a 14" TV screen. And despite the little note stuck on it saying there were a variety of Thai channels and some cable channels, only a couple of the local stations could break through the snowy transmission.

But that's not the view people come here for. Navasoung is nestled along the road from Doi Inthanon to Mae Cheam, 650 metres above sea level, in the misty valleys of this hillside farming town.

What the hill tribes can do in this steep and rugged terrain is quite amazing, jing jing! It makes you wonder: who looks at a vertical slope and thinks 'Wow, that'd be a great place for a farm!'

Popular with motorcyclists and other tourists heading to Mae Cheam to see the Mae Cha waterfall, Doi Inthanon National Park or the Teen Jok weaving factory, Navasoung was started by a Finn/Thai couple who picked out this beautiful location where butterflies flitter from bloom to bloom.

It's a casual sort of place, where you wait for the owner's son to finish the video game car race in progress before he laconically gets up to show you to your room.

The 15 cottages are alpine in style, and simple in design. But clean and comfortable with a large fridge for your supplies. With really hot showers, which you'll appreciate on a chilly mountain morning. A little porch allows you to enjoy the views in privacy.

Breakfast is a large hearty meal enjoyed in their open reception area with lush gardens and stunning views. There's also a pool and pool bar. Room rates currently in the 800 baht + range.

It's easily reached from Chiang Mai, about 2.5 hours north of here, and is on the renowned Mae Hong Son loop.

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