Thursday, 3 December 2009


Today I am in Kanchanaburi, having come up for the annual Light & Sound Show at the Bridge on the River Kwai (see my posting in November 09 for full story of this iconic bridge).

The Light & Sound Show is staged for only 10 days in late November/early December each year, bringing to life the death of the Bridge, it's last few days before it was taken out of action by American bombers (For the younger readers, yes, the Americans have been doing this sort of thing for a while!)

In typical Thai fashion, of course there's a whole lot more to it -- a huge huge fairground, with horse rides, stalls, games, food, Harley display, and music. Sanuk maak as they say (good fun!). Last night was a real blast -- caught up with a Thai police friend of mine, Khun Ek, and before I knew it I was riding on the back of his Harley Davidson at the head of this informal parade through the streets of Kanchanaburi, through the crowded fairground, then sat down on hay bales to feast on spit-roasted lamb. Money can't buy that sort of experience!

However, for 150 baht, you can get a grandstand seat at the Light & Sound show, enjoy the story and the fireworks. It was doubly spectacular with a full moon last night. You'll see the Bridge in a whole new light (oh, bad pun. Groan!)

Show is weekdays at 8pm till 9pm. Fridays and Saturdays showtime 7pm and 9:30pm.

To get to Kanchanaburi:

The most fun way is by train from Bangkok's Thon Buri station (NOT Hualamphong). Buy tickets on the platform. 100 baht each way on the 3rd class rattler which departs daily at 07:45 and 13:55 daily (approximately!). It's a three-hour journey, seeing rice paddies, sugar cane fields, and factories. A good chance to meet some locals, and enjoy banter with the food and drink vendors on board. (see photo of a local beauty!)

Kanchanaburi to BKK return is 07:19 and 14:44 daily.

You can also get here by bus or mini-bus, often running from Khao San Road in Bangkok. Cost about 140 baht and takes about 2.5 hours.

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