Tuesday 10 August 2010

Shangri-la's Kad cafe: cheapest 5-star buffet in the world?

Shangri-la's Kad Kafé in Chiang Mai features Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, European and Mediterranean specialities. It has three different buffets: the weekday quick lunch, dinner, and Sunday BBQ.

Now here's the thing. Don't be frightened by the 5-star tag. As a relatively new hotel it's got to make itself known and accessible to the local community, so its pricing at Kad is VERY aggressive (read; CHEAP). The lunch spread, featuring 5 different stations of pizzas, pastas, soups, Thai specialties, etc, will run you about $6-7 Aussie dollars. Jing jing! You can eat your heart out for that measly sum -- plate after plate after plate after yummy plate till they kick you out (well, the Shang wouldn't do that, but you get what I mean).

The choice at dinner is bigger, ie including seafood, and a few dollars more, and the Sunday BBQ a little more again, but you do get access to swim in their gorgeous pool the rest of the day and get to feel how the other half live!

So, treat yourself without trashing your travel budget.

Favorite Dish: The pizzas and pastas are great, but try the northern Thai local delicacies such as Khao Soi curry noodles.

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