Thursday, 3 December 2009

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Phuket is an island of sun and fun, with hilly terrain that makes for exciting and challenging golf course terrain. Several name designers have had their skills tested in sculpting courses out of the mountains, or using existing lakes and tailings left behind from the island's tin mining past.

Looking for a golf holiday in Thailand? It's perfect because if your significant other is a 'golf widow' she can always go for an indulgent spa treatment or laze around the pool or go shopping while you bash your balls around. (Pardon the inherently sexist tone of that last statement: I know there are many lady golfers out there too who can send their husband off for a facial and pedicure instead!)

Here's a list of Phuket golf clubs to get started with ...

+ Blue Canyon Country Club (see my blog on this course)

+ Loch Palm Golf Club

+ Red Mountain Golf Course

+ Phuket Mission Hills Golf Resort and Spa

+ Phuket Country Club

Happy hacking! See you at the 19th hole.

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