Friday, 26 February 2010


I know what you're thinking ... it looks like some sort of lighting technique to make it hard for junkies to find a vein, right? That's exactly the concept the designers at Dream had in mind of course. Oh, and also to make it seem like your bed was floating on a cloud (which it would if you could just find that elusive vein).

The Dream is a concept hotel that has dared to really push it out there; an attitude more than just an idea. For instance, a funky glass spirit house on the street outside. Do Not Disturb signs that light up the word 'Shhhhhhh!' outside your room. Tango and salsa classes. Swirling prints of stars and moons and waves and -- what the hell is that supposed to be?

If you like the colour blue, this is your sort of place. Blue is represented in every shade, colour, hue imaginable, and even then a few that possibly aren't.

But this place is not about the hardware,  it's the software. The people and systems are brilliant. You only have to stay here twice to be a recognized regular. I've stayed here any number of times (some of my best work has been done around the Flava Lite rooftop pool/bar/cafe area) and have always encountered nothing but pleasant, personal and professional staff (starting with the cheery bell boys), happy to go that extra bit for you when you make another damned unreasonable request. For example:

'Could I have a late check out, please.'
'Certainly, Mr Lloyd, would 2pm be OK?'
'Well, I was thinking next Tuesday would be more suitable.'
'Certainly, sir.'

As for the rooms: quality appointments, and a feeling of solidity throughout. Free wireless (or use their computers in 'Biz' for free), DVD and flatscreen. Some rooms have bath tubs. Some have sofas. Some have both. And interiors remain fresh-feeling even though the hotel is now quite a few years old.

They have a restaurant (in stripey orange, brown and red as a respite from blue, with lifesized replicas of tigers and cheetahs in blue and neon pink!), a spa, and a gym (one of each machine, good enough).

Oh, I should mention that the hotel is divided into Dream 1 and Dream 2, facing each other over the road. I've always ended up in Dream 2, the newer wing, so the other one remains an enigma to me.

Soi 15 is very handy to Asoke BTS station and is quite an interesting street with tailor shops (always Indian owned: 'Suit for you, sir?' 'Shirt for you, sir?'), other hotels, hairdressers, karaoke bars, and street vendors grilling pork. At the other end is a khlong  (canal) where you can catch a boat down into town.

So next time you're looking for a high in Bangkok, visit Dream World. With standard rooms available from around 3500 baht per night (including a good full breakfast selection) you'll think you're still dreaming.

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  1. I have stayed at Suriwongse road and Silom road.
    Its another tourist hub and a great place. I prefer it much more than Sukhumvit.
    I have been to Excelsior tailors in the streets of suriwongse and i prefer them much to the tailors in Sukhumvit.


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