Thursday, 11 February 2010

A heads up: Khao Yai, Pattaya and Koh Samui

Just to let you know what's coming down the track in the next week or so ...

Khao Yai, the Switzerland of Thailand. Yes, believe it or not. Lovely mountains, wineries, cattle country (don't get me started on that 300-gram Chok Chai Farm steak) and the Big Mountain Music Festival. The photo above is taken at the amazing new Sala Resort, Khao Yai.

Pattaya, the former sleaze capital of Thailand. I say former, I mean it probably still is, but a gentrification has taken place with lots of top-end resorts, such as the Centara, now changing the tone of Pattaya to something way more family and couple-friendly.

And Koh Samui. Yes, folks, its back to Samui for a detox. No I'm not doing some sort of Hollywood 'Lloyd's fallen off the wagon and gone into rehab' stunt. I've been invited by Absolute Sanctuary at Bo Phut to undergo a three-day detox program which involves liver flush drinks, eating only raw food, yoga classes, and something that sounds horribly like a garden hose being shoved up my arse (although it's worded a bit more delicately on their website). Jing jing!

So keep checking back for those stories and more in the next little while ...

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