Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The best noodles in Chiang Mai by a looooong way ...

And the winner is ... Mr Chai's Noodles.

I was taken here by a Thai friend, and what a find (yes, the friend as well as this noodle place!)

It is basically street food served in the most unassuming surroundings, so it's all about the food. And even though it's right in the heart of the touristic Night Bazaar area you never -- or very rarely -- see any other farangs there. Jing jing!

Basically it's noodle soup, a choice of spicy or non-spicy tom yam with pork or mixed meats. Just point at whatever looks good. Believe me, it's all good.The level of spiciness is just right even for my companion who has a more Chinese palette (ie mai bped maak!).

For just a couple of bucks, it's a filling meal all on its own ... but on a hungry night I've been known to have a couple of bowls to myself.

Address: Chang Klang Road, Night Bazaar, beside Burger King. Go as if you're going to walk into Burger King. Stand at the front door, now look a little to your right. You'll see a CD vendor. Squeeze between his stall and the Burger King store windows and you'll end up in Mr Chai's noodles. There's no English signs nor English spoken for that matter.

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