Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Funny video: Mae Sa Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai Thailand

When you travel to Thailand, you'll find that just about every elephant camp puts on an show, daily. Or several times daily.

It might sound touristy, and indeed it is. But the Thailand elephants are so endearing, and so amazingly trained (like this guy playing hula hoop), you'll leave your cynicism at the front gate as you enter.

Funny elephant videos are all over YouTube, but here's one I made after a recent visit to the Mae Sa elephant camp in Chiang Mai.

Please take a couple of minutes out of your stressful day to enjoy watching the amazing talents of these prehistoric beasts and their mahout handlers, and imagine how much fun you could have on holiday here ...

Maesa Elephant Camp (Our Town Office)
119/9 Tapae Rd., Muang District, Chiang Mai 50100 Thailand 
Tel. +66 5320 6247, +66 5320 6248


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