Monday, 23 May 2011

Quan Spa, Bangkok Thailand: spa treatments wet dreams are made of.

While the Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong is not a spa resort nor a spa hotel as such, it has calmly and quietly notched up a number of awards for the spa treatments at its Quan Spa including 'Urban Spa of the Year 2010' from Asia Spa magazine.

(Dear Editor: Do you think I used the word Spa enough in the above sentence?)

An oasis 25 floors above the concrete jungle.
Quan is all about aqua spa, the name meaning 'spring water' in Chinese. Little known fact: Sanya in Hainan is where the Quan concept originated.

Funky jazz bubbles from the speakers on this high-rise floor, affording a commanding view over the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, imparting an airy feeling. Water-related videos also play on any number of plasma screens dotted throughout this slightly quirky spa in Bangkok. I half expect JAWS! to be showing, but that might detract from the relaxation factor. Waves crash gently, and seagulls sing (if that is indeed what they do ... perhaps it's more of a whistle?)

"You are in the big city, but can still relax," coos Khun Pichamon. The focus here is on urban, not tropical or nature themes which are ubiquitous elsewhere.

Scents of lemon grass, orange and jasmine waft and wake me as she guides me through the seven torture chambers, I mean treatment rooms, one dedicated to a kinky-sounding Vichy Shower. The water is heated to a warm 40 degrees Celsius.

One looks like a set for Saturday Night Fever, with flashing disco lights running in serried rows above the bed, jing jing. "Just for entertainment, sir," she explains.  

The signature treatment is called Tropical Rainshower, a 45-minute session in which 6 water nozzles blast and spray and splash and massage you from every angle for 20 minutes, followed by point finger massage. It's very reasonable at just 2100 baht.

So if you're looking for a luxury spa escape in the big smoke, or just a day spa getaway in Bangkok, you water try out Quan.

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