Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Thai Airways - travel to Thailand with flight to Bangkok from $855

From our friends at Thai Airways, this great offer for anyone looking to travel to Thailand from Australia in the next little while ...


Thai Airways' 51st Anniversary Sale: 

- book/ticket/travel by 30 Jun 2011 with economy class fares from AUD $855 return to Bangkok (from the east coast) and from $859 return to Phuket; ex Perth from $780 return - fares include all taxes.  Fares are also available to Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, Vientiane and Myanmar).

There are 2 bonus offers also available with these fares - child discounts up the 15 years (usually 2-11 years) and a bonus domestic side-trip in Thailand for tickets to Europe, Johannesburg or Los Angeles.

Fares to Europe (with a choice of 13 major cities) start from $2,032 return including taxes.


So let me get this straight ... You can be sitting in, say, Sydney today, thinking Geez it's cold and raining, bugger this I'm gonna get a flight to Bangkok, and by tomorrow you could be swanning around the Grand Palace, getting measured up for a suit (not in the Grand Palace, at a tailor shop in Sukhumvit I mean), and enjoy a nice spicy pad thai for just $855 ( I mean the Bangkok flights, not the noodles, which are only around 35 baht). 

That's ridiculously good value, jing jing. Probably the cheapest flight to Bangkok I've ever heard of -- other than being deported that is.

So get on the blower now (I mean the phone). You've only got a month to get that leave application in and fly Phuket or fly BKK soon. There's a cold Singha waiting for you.


  1. Is that really a good fare? Seems like there used to be better deals but I haven't flown to Australia in quite a while. Last trip was to Los Angeles on their non-stop and that was expensive (but nice).


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