Tuesday 27 April 2010

Situation update -- Bangkok

Tourism Authority of Thailand has just issued the following information:

'For tourists visiting the Kingdom, it should be stressed that foreigners have not been targeted in the on-going political conflict. However, visitors and tourists are advised to be vigilant, follow news developments, exercise extra caution and avoid areas near the UDD rally site and areas where demonstrators gather.'

I've got a better idea, knuckle-heads: if you know that downtown Bangkok is a problem area, stay away. Pretty simple isn't it? After all, there are so many other areas of Bangkok, and indeed the whole Kingdom, which are totally unaffected so why not go elsewhere and enjoy the fun there instead.

The TAT Hotline and Call Centre1672 — provides 24-hours service. TAT recommends that foreign tourists and visitors to Thailand call 1672 for tourist assistance. 

TAT also recommends that foreign tourists and visitors to Thailand call the 24-hour Tourist Police Hotline1155 — for the latest updates on traffic conditions and roads to avoid in Bangkok.

That's all.

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