Friday 24 December 2010

A little Christmas Sparkle

Part of firework show at Sukhothai
Thailand is a Buddhist country. Ok, so not exactly a banner headline there.

But make no mistake the fun-loving Thais are not going to let a good celebration go by without celebrating it with full gusto. Even if it's a Christian festival such as Christmas.

Everywhere the Christmas trees are out, decorated with lights and tinsel. Shopping malls and stores blare out carols. And Christmas sales and specials are to be had.

Just like Christmas in a Western country ... er, with one exception -- FIREWORKS!!!

From here I can see my neighbour rigging up his 'little' show for tonight. Oh boy, I think this extravaganza might be visible from the International Space Station. And audible from Mars, jing jing.

Merry Christmas to all my regular readers, and hope you get a good 'bang' tonight wherever you are.

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