Saturday 16 July 2011

Friday Funny: An apology from the heart of my bottom.

Oops! I just learned the hard way that I've been pronouncing a couple of Thai words slightly wrongly which impart a whole new meaning ...

When saying 'Excuse me' (as in when pushing through a crowd, or trying to get past somebody) you might say: 'Khaw Thod'. This should sound roughly like Car Tord.

But -- like so many other unforgiving Thai words -- I've been getting this slightly wrong and saying: 'Kor Thood' which sounds more like 'Cor Tood'.

And this means ...

Oh, this is the embarrassing part ...

Are you ready for it?

Kor Thood means 'I want your bum!' Jing jing!

So I apologise from the heart of my bottom, er, the bottom of my heart, to anyone I might have inadvertently offended as I brushed past you in the crowd.

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