Saturday 7 January 2023

Surfing in Phuket

Don’t let the Monsoon rain in Phuket get you down, get out there in the ocean and have some fun!

Being a multiple Australian Surfing Title-holder, my husband is obviously a well travelled, very good surfer who has surfed some of the best waves all over the world.  He was a bit worried about spending 10 days in Phuket with me and not having waves to keep him occupied, but I had assured him that he would have lots of time to chill out, rest his back and have lots of massages and spa treatments; so he was finally convinced 10days would be OK.

After arriving at our hotel, The Chedi Surin Beach, in the darkness and not being able to see the beach, we had a quick shower and jumped in a 'tuk tuk', heading straight to the gorgeous Baan Rim Pa for dinner and a few (too many) cocktails.

The next morning we awoke at 8am, both with slight hangovers from the flight and cocktails and thought we’d hit the beach for a swim in the ocean before breakfast.  As we opened our curtain and looked out at the beach my husband’s smile got much bigger, I wondered why until I looked out into the ocean where there were very, very rideable waves on offer.

I can’t say the waves compare to anywhere in Bali or Indonesia that I have travelled to with him, and I don’t think Phuket will ever make the stage for one of the World Surfing Tour events but after expecting a little ripple, 2 foot waves was the perfect hang over cure and we were both pleased to have our surfboards with us since after Phuket we were going onto Bali.

Phuket I can say is a great place for a Monsoon break, even with a bit of rain you can still get out in the ocean and have fun on the little waves!

Words: Rebecca Wayland

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