Tuesday 25 July 2023

New Banyan Tree Chef Presents the Art of Kaiseki to Koh Samui

After 25 years in Japanese restaurants, a Thai chef finally gets the chance to inaugurate his own rendition of Japan’s most regal meal

Inspired by the unique skill set of executive sous chef Warit Jadpratum, Banyan Tree Samui resort has launched a new “Samurai Dinner Set”, bringing the ancient Japanese culinary art of kaiseki to the beaches of Thailand.

For centuries served to royalty and special guests in Japan, kaiseki is an exquisite multi-course meal, often consisting of simple ingredients such as soup and rice, but prepared with minute precision and presented with an air of honour and respect.

“My first experience working in a Japanese restaurant was in Bangkok when I was 15 years old,” recalled Warit, affectionately known in the kitchen as Chef John. “One thing I quickly learned was the Japanese custom of omotenashi, the spiritual art of hospitality and meticulousness which we have come to associate with the tea ceremony and other cultural practices in Japan.”

Chef John said that when he joined Banyan Tree Samui in July last year, his goal was to bring that sense of intricate craftwork to his cuisine, and that he was proud to play host when he recently unveiled his very own kaiseki dinner series at the 5-star luxury hotel.

Now diners at the resort’s beachfront Sands Restaurant can appreciate the care and sophistication behind the art of kaiseki as they are served a dinner literally fit for a king.

“We focus very much on seasonal herbs so our menu this month includes Japanese rib-eye steak with garlic and ginger,” he said. “Seared tuna sashimi is served in a ginger-soy-lime vinaigrette, and we have Venus clams in miso broth. Another of our diners’ favourite dishes is the sake-steamed tiger prawns.”

Chef John added that a good kaiseki set is not just about flavours, but how the textures, colours and aromas all combine to create a memorable dining experience.

Chef John’s pop-up Samurai Dinner is offered once a fortnight.

For dates and reservations, contact: samui@banyantree.com or call +66 077 915 333.

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