Friday, 4 February 2011

#Samui one of THE places to visit in 2011 - New York Times

Samui inspired 'The Beach'
The New York Times has come out with its annual list of 'must visit' places. Often these are a top 5, a top 10 or even  a top 20. Why theirs is 41 is anyone's guess (maybe it was going to be 40 but the editor wanted to include his cousin's new resort at the last minute, who knows?)

Thailand's Koh Samui comes in at Number 3.

The NYT calls it "a toned-down version of Phuket, heavy on wellness and food." That's like saying San Francisco is a toned-down version of New York, heavy on gays and bridges, jing jing.

 It the bangs on about Samui as a "tropical gem" which is "the stylish luxury alternative to crowded Phuket" citing the opening of W Retreat last month, Beach Republic, the Banyan Tree (which I blogged about in 2010) and the Absolute Sanctuary's yoga and detox focus (who can forget my anal invasions there that I blogged about early last year ... I certainly can't!).

On the gastronomic -- as opposed to gastric -- side, eateries such as H Bistro at the new Hansar (blogged late last year) and Orgasmic get a run. Not mentioned because it's only just opened is Namcha Samui tea shop and cafe ( ... a really stylish and charming addition to Fisherman's Village.

So if you haven't been ... go.  And if you've been before ... go again.

Then let me know: is Samui a toned down version of Phuket???

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