Tuesday 1 June 2010

Sukhothai -- Nam Kang Restaurant is a legend in its own right

I don't often write about restaurants (because they don't often write about me).

But this one in Sukhothai near the Historical Park really is famous throughout central Thailand. The Nam Kang Restaurant, which is Thai meaning Nam Kang (a literal translation).

What makes it famous? Well, atmosphere really. A chance to experience the traditional central Thailand culture. Twinkling lights. A canal. And damn good food. The central Thai cuisine centres around river fish and grilled chicken (if you see 'river chicken' on the menu, decline it). Aloi aloi!

It's quite a big set-up, and yes, the odd tour bus pulls up here, but don't let that put you off. The thatched roofs of the village style rooms, and lights reflecting off the meandering canal, make it dreamy and other-worldy. Local groups sing and dance to their traditional riffs, sometimes discordant, but an authentic colourful backdrop nonetheless.

After a gorgeous Thai meal, you'll walk out of here paying somewhere between 150-200 baht per person. (That's right, about $5-7 Aussie dollars in your language.) So a tourist trap it aint. Jing jing!

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