Tuesday 25 January 2011

Thailand's winter wonderland

As I read about a snowbound Europe, a flooded Australia, and a freezing eastern USA, I am currently enjoying a Thailand winter.

That's right, Thailand does have a winter. It's not always 32 and sweaty bollocks. Especially in the north.

People get around at night here with scarves and beanies on, because the mercury has plummeted to, oh, about 29 degrees. Actually, it's less than that. Chiang Mai mornings can be in the 12-15 degree range (daytime mid-20s and blue sky), and I was just in Doi Ankhang further north last week where we got 7 degrees and mist one morning, jing jing.

Cool. Actually $@%&* cold (that's 'freezing' for those trying to fill in the blanks at home) if your body is used to tropical temperatures.

But the best part of winter in Thailand is the flowers.  Especially in Thailand's numerous Royal Project flower gardens. Here's a selection of some of the floral beauty from Doi Tung ...www.doitung.com

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