Monday 17 January 2011

You'll go nuts for this ...

Khun Noi dishes up another dollop of ice cream.
In Chiang Rai recently, everybody was raving -- voluntarily, unpaid, with no sign of a gun at their head -- about the coconut ice-cream shop.

So I headed out on the road from town to the popular hot springs along the Kok River. It's hard to spot ... just a small shop on the corner with shiny steel milk barrels out the front. All the signs are in Thai and Chinese (Khun Noi's husband, slaving away there over freezing ice-cream, is Chinese).

Khun Noi serves from a small makeshift wooden-faced cart in the store, and they make only one flavour – coconut. One flavour, that's it, take it or leave it, jing jing.

You then add your choice of nuts, jelly, lollies, raisins, etc to customize it. Served in a cup or cone for just 15 baht. And obviously plenty of people choose to take it because they get through 200kg of ice-cream every day.

It tastes sooooooooo good. I finished one cup, and promptly ordered and ate a second. If you develop an addiction, you can order by the barrel as they also wholesale to hotels throughout Lanna area.   

If you can't find the shop, give them a call on 053-600-753. But be prepared to speak Thai or Chinese.

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